About Us

We are a mission school dedicated to education, prayer, relationships and service.


St Patrick’s School was established in temporary buildings by Fr. Garin in 1848 shortly after the arrival of the Fencibles. Fr. Fynes, who followed, built a permanent classroom. At the time there were 80 pupils.

The school was staffed by lay teachers led by the Mercy Order until the Sisters of the Mission took over the school in 1904. The special Character of St Patrick’s now encompasses the charism of the Mission Sisters.

Today we have a school educating students from Year 0 to Year 8 and we are proud of our heritage as one of New Zealand’s oldest schools as well as our position at the forefront of modern education.

Mission Partnership

We have a Mission Partnership with Kalyanpur Holy Angels Orphanage and Children’s Home in India. This orphanage was set up 41 years ago by the Mission Sisters and includes a boarding school and medical clinic for the local area.  This has become the focus of our fundraising efforts on Mission Day and we look forward to building a strong relationship between our students and theirs.

Special Character

St Patrick’s has a Special Catholic Character and is part of a very supportive Parish and Community. The Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions remain a strong influence on all St Patrick’s School stands for and does and we adopt their charism as our own.

Our Mission Charism is reflected in our school’s core values, spirituality, events and activities. It presents us with a vision of education focused on the Mission spirit and based on contemplation (prayer); communion (respect and understanding of others); and Mission (service, outreach).

We experience our Mission in worship, our sense of belonging to a community with special character, school events, celebrations, community spirit and songs.

Our Mission spirit is lived, not just articulated through prayer, community, service.

We believe that people are important, especially women and children, indigenous people, migrants and refugees, the marginalised and the poor.

We live our Mission experience through gospel values and the special place of the Holy Trinity and Mary.

Click here to go to the RNDM website for more information about what the Mission Sisters do.

Class Blogs


Room 1

We are a Year 2 & 3 class. Our teacher is Mr Carroll. We will be sharing our stories and our learning. You are most welcome to make comments on our work. 

Room 2

We will be sharing how we get on with other students. You are most welcome to make comments on our learning. 

Room 6

We are a Year 4 and 5 class at St Patrick’s School in Auckland, NZ. We are in Room 6 and our teacher is Mrs Agnew.

Room 7

We are a Year 5 and 6 class at St Patrick’s School in Auckland, NZ. We are in Room 7 and our teacher is Mr Bell. 

Room 8

We are an awesome class of Year 7 and 8 at St Patrick’s School in Auckland the ‘City of Sails’ New Zealand. We are the Awesome Room 8. Our teacher is Mrs George.

In each of the above class blogs, you will find links to our children’s individual blogs.